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Mosiah Book of Mormon Summary

Ch1 – King Benjamin and People in Land of Zarahemla

  • Land of Zarahemla filled with Nephites, Mulekites, etc. but called by Nephites
  • Peace time in Land of Zarahemla
  • Highly Favored people of the Lord
  • King Benjamin Makes Mosiah King Over People
  • King Benjamin passes on Plates of Brass, Liahona & Sword of Laban & Urim & Thummim to Mosiah

Ch2 – King Benjamin Gathers People to Speak to Them

  • King gathers great number of people to hear the words of King Benjamin
  • People offer sacrifices
  • Erected tower so people could hear King
  • Wrote words that he spoke so everyone could receive them
  • King Benjamin speaks about service & following his example
    • “Unprofitable Servants”
    • Obey commands è prosper in land
    • Ch3 – King B saw an angel that taught him
    • “Lord will come in the flesh”
    • “Put off Natural Man”
    • “Become as a child…willing to submit to his father”
    • “Little children are blameless”
    • “My words will stand as a witness against you at last day”
    • Ch4 – Crowd cried for mercy & forgiveness
    • “Are we not all beggars?”
    • “We are ‘dust of the earth’”
    • Ch5 – “Be ye steadfast & immovable
    • “Remember & perish not”
  • People converted to the Lord – hearts changed
  • Took upon His name

Ch6 – People Enter into Covenant & King Benjamin Dies

  • Everyone except children entered into a covenant to keep commandments
  • Names of those that made covenant recorded
  • Kingdom passed to Mosiah
  • King Benjamin dies 3 years later
  • Mosiah reigns for 3 years / no contention

Ch7 – Mosiah Sends Ammon to Find People in Lehi-Nephi

  • Mosiah sends 16 Strong men and Ammon (Mulekite – Descendent of Zarahemla) to find out what happened to Zeniff and his people that went to find land of Lehi-Nephi
  • 40 Days in wilderness looking for land
  • Finds land of Nephi & Shilom
  • Caught by King Limhi and Guards
  • Put in Prison for 2 days
  • Brought before King Limhi to answer questions
  • Limhi, son of Noah, son of Zeniff came out of Zarahemla to inherit land of Lehi-Nephi
  • Ammon told Limhi he’s from Zarahemla & came to find them
  • Limhi rejoices & causes people to rejoice
  • Limhi tells Ammon they are in bondage to the Lamanites and are taxed grievously 50% of all they have
  • Desires to be salves to the Nephites instead of paying tribute to the Lamanites
  • Next day gathered people & Limhi speaks to them –
    • The day has come to be freed from the Lamanites
    • We were brought into bondage because of our iniquities
    • King Laman has put us in bondage and slain our people
    • Recounts Abinadi & how Noah & people slew him
    • If we will repent we will be delivered

Ch8 – Ammon Teaches People of Limhi & Talks of a “Seer”

  • Limhi let’s Ammon teach the people
    • Gives history
    • Recounts King Benjamin’s teachings
  • Limhi brings their records to Ammon to read
  • Asks if he can translate
  • Recounts finding of 24 gold plates (Jaredites) while trying to find way back to Zarahemla
  • Describes the desolation of bones they found in land
  • Land populated by people with a number as the host of Israel
  • Also found breastplates & swords
  • Need someone to translate the records – want to know what happened
  • Ammon explains a “Seer” (Mosiah)
  • “Seer is greater than a prophet”
  • “No greater gift, shorter than the power of God, which no man can possess”
  • “Seer knows past & future”
  • “Reveals things that could not be known otherwise”
  • Mosiah is the Seer

Ch9 – Ch22 Record of Zeniff & People

  • Zeniff & group leave Zarahemla to go inherit land of Lehi-Nephi
  • Initially he went as a spy, but saw good side of Lamanites and decided he wanted to make treaty
  • His people disagreed and wanted to kill King Laman & war
  • Zeniff & his people fought and had a bloody battle
  • Returned to Zarahemla to recount events
  • Went back to land of Lehi-Nephi and made agreement with King Laman to inherit the land of Lehi-Nephi
  • They took over land and multiplied and improved it
  • King Laman was crafty and let them grow for 12 years
  • King Laman fearful of them getting too strong and stirred up Lamanites against them
  • Lamanites began to attack them and take from them
  • Zeniff prepared people for battle and fights with God on his side
    • 3,043 Lamanites slain
    • Drove them out
    • 279 Nephites slain

Ch10 – 22 Years Peace – Zeniff Dies & Passes Kingdom to Noah

  • Peace in land / prosper for 22 years
  • King Laman dies – His son takes over and stirs up his people against them
  • Lamanites came upon land of Shilom with shaved heads
  • Nephite women/children hide in wilderness while men fight
  • Lamanites motivated by what they were taught – that Laman was wronged by Nephi after leaving Jerusalem & crossing the sea
  • Lamanite children taught to hate the Nephites & rob them
  • Zeniff and Nephites won again and continued to till the ground and prosper
  • Zeniff passes kingdom onto his son Noah & dies

Ch11 – Noah’s Wicked Reign as King

  • Noah lives wickedly and has many wives & concubines
  • Caused his people to sin
  • Taxed people 1/5th to support him and his Priests and their wives/concubines
  • People labored to support them and became idol worshippers
  • Noah built palace with find workmanship
  • Built tower near temple to overlook land toward Lamanites
  • Land of Shilom had been a resort for Nephites
  • Priests had harlots and were wine bibbers
  • Lamanites began again to come in and slay Nephites and drive their flocks away
  • Noah’s army drover Lamanites back and were prideful and boasted of their strength
  • The people delighted in shedding the blood of the Lamanites
  • Abinadi told by the Lord to preach repentance to Nephites
  • If they would not repent they will be in bondage
  • Noah sought to have Abinadi killed

Ch12 – Abinadi Teaches Against King Noah’s Wickedness

  • Abinadi (after 2 years) comes in disguised to preach to the people
  • Prophesies they will be brought into bondage & devoured
  • Noah will be burned and people smitten
  • Their iniquity causes pestilence, burdens, insects
  • People take Abinadi bound to King Noah and told him of his words
  • Abinadi put in prison while King Noah counsels with Priests
  • Abinadi brought before Noah & Priests so they can question him

Ch13 – Abinadi Delivers Message to Noah & Priests

  • Abinadi confounds Noah & Priests
  • They want to slay him but he says “Touch Me Not” and delivers message
  • His face shined and he spoke with power & authority
  • Preached to them about their iniquities
  • Taught about the law of Moses & coming of Christ

Ch14-16 Abinadi Continues Preaching

Ch17 – Alma Believes Abinadi and is Cast Out

  • Alma believes Abinadi
  • Alma pleads with Noah to let him go
  • Alma is cast out and flees and writes the words of Abinadi
  • Abinadi condemned to death and commanded to recant words
  • He prophesies that what they do to him will be a type of what’s to come
  • Noah fears and wants to release him but Priests push him
  • Abinadi burned to death and prophesies “Ye shall suffer like punishment”

Ch18 – Alma Repents and Begins to Preach & Baptize in Mormon

  • Alma repents
  • Goes privately to people and teaches words of Abinadi
  • Many believe him and follow him
  • Alma gathers believers in Mormon in borders of land
  • Alma baptizes Helam and others in waters of Mormon
  • People covenant to “Mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort”
  • 204 believers baptized
  • Church of God established
  • Alma had authority of God and taught nothing but repentance and faith from scriptures
  • He ordained priests to serve
  • They lived like united order
  • King Noah discovers movement and sends army to destroy them
  • People of God departed into the wilderness (450 people)

Ch19 – Noah’s People are Divided and Limhi Becomes King

  • Noah’s people are divided and fight one with another
  • Gideon fought with Noah and would destroy him
  • Noah sees Lamanites coming to attack & Gideon spares him
  • Many Nephites flee into wilderness including Noah & Priests
  • Those who stayed put forth their daughters to calm Lamanites
  • Lamanites stopped and took them
  • Lamanites allow Nephites to stay but took 50% of all they produce
  • Limhi, son of Noah, becomes King
  • Nephites sent out to find King Noah & Gideon
  • Some of them find Noah and burn him to death
  • Limhi establishes peace and they live peaceably for 2 years

Ch20 – Lamanite Daughters Taken by Priests so Lamanites Attack

  • 24 Daughters of Lamanites taken by Priests of Noah in wilderness
  • King of Lamanites thought it was Nephites & begins attack
  • Limhi’s people see Lamanites coming and prepare to battle
  • Not ½ as many Nephites as Lamanites, but they fought like dragons to protect their families
  • Nephites capture King Laman injured
  • Limhi questions him as to why he broke his oath of peace and attacked
  • Laman indicates his anger from Nephites stealing daughters of Lamanites
  • Limhi orders search of Nephites to find Lamanite daughters
  • Gideon convinces Limhi that they did not do it, but it’s Noah’s Priests
  • Limhi tells King Lama and he is pacified
  • Lamanites about to attack again
  • King Laman and Limhi’s people meet them unarmed and Laman stops attack

Ch21 – Lamanites Persecute Nephites – Lord Softens Their Hearts

  • After some time Lamanites again begin to afflict & persecute Nephites
  • Nephites complain to Limhi
  • Nephites try 3 times to fight but are beaten
  • They humble themselves and pray for help
  • Lord is slow to hear them because of iniquity
  • Then the Lord comes to their aid and softens the hearts of the Lamanites
  • Nephites begin to prosper again
  • Peace again between Nephites & Lamanites
  • Ammon & others find land of Lehi-Nephi and are captured by Limhi’s guards
  • Limhi tells Ammon of band of people finding land of Jaredites and records
  • They thought it was land of Zarahemla destroyed
  • Brought records back and wanted to learn what happened to them
  • Limhi’s people wanted to be baptized by Ammon, but he did not consider himself worthy
  • Focused on how to deliver Nephites out of Lamanite hands

Ch22 – Nephites Escape From Lamanites

  • Nephites gather to figure out way to escape
  • Lamanites too numerous to fight
  • Gideon presents idea of escape by getting guards drunk
  • Nephites escape by night and make it back to Zarahemla

Ch23 – Account of Alma and His People in Wilderness

  • Alma warned of the Lord to flee from King Noah
  • They found a secret land and settled there
  • The people wanted Alma to be King – he declined
  • Taught them to trust no minister or teacher among them unless he walks with God
  • Alma and his people prospered – called the land Helam
  • Lamanites came to borders of Helam
  • Alma surrendered and Lamanites took possession of Helam
  • Amulon (Priest of Noah who took daughters of Lamanites) at Helam
  • Lamanites made deal with Alma to show them the way back to land of Nephi and they would release them
  • Lamanites broke their promise

Ch24 – Alma & People Escape Helam & Return to Zarahemla

  • Amulon gained favor of the Lamanites & began to persecute Alma
  • Amulon prevented Alma & others from praying
  • Lord promised Alma they would be delivered
  • Alma & people’s burdens made light
  • They were blessed with patience and cheerfulness
  • Lord told Alma to lead them out of city
  • Lamanites in “profound sleep” – Alma leads people out
  • Alma arrives at Zarahemla – Mosiah receives them with joy

Ch25 – Records of Zeniff & Alma – People Establish Church

  • More decedents of Mulek than Nephites in Zarahemla
  • More Lamanites than Mulekites
  • Mosiah reads all the records of Zeniff and Alma
  • Alma preaches to people of Zarahemla
  • He baptizes Limhi and his people
  • They establish the Church among them – 7 Churches in Zarahemla
  • They are blessed and prosper

Ch26 – Rising Generation Turns Wicked

  • Children at time of King Benjamin’s “covenant” (too small to remember) turn wicked
  • They did not know or believe the Church
  • Brought before Mosiah to be judged
  • Mosiah didn’t want to judge them – told Alma to do it
  • Alma’s calling & election made sure
  • Alma sent forth to preach to the people – received revelation from God
  • Alma becomes judge of the people
  • Excommunicates unrepentant people

Ch27 – Alma Jr. and Sons of Mosiah Persecute – Then Converted

  • Unbelievers begin to persecute the Church
  • Mosiah makes proclamation to NOT persecute anyone
  • Please grow & spread rapidly
  • Alma the younger and Sons of Mosiah are unbelievers and persecute Church
  • They lead many people astray
  • Angel appears to Alma & Sons of Mosiah
  • Alma told to remember the captivity of his fathers in Helam & Nephi
  • Alma is astonished, struck dumb and couldn’t move hands
  • Alma the Elder rejoiced & called people to assemble
  • Priest joined in fast for Alma – 2 days
  • Alma gains strength and is born of the Spirit
  • He immediately begins to preach to the people
  • Converted / changed heart
  • Sons of Mosiah (Ammon, Aaron, Omner, Himnon) confess publicly of their sins
  • They become missionaries for the Church

Ch28 – Sons of Mosiah 1st Missionary Trip to Land of Nephi

  • Sons of Mosiah want to preach gospel to Lamanites in land of Nephi
  • Mosiah prays and let’s them go
  • Mosiah translates gold plates of Jaredites by the Urim & Thummim
  • Learned about Jaredite history
  • Mosiah passes down all records, interpreters, etc. to Alma the Younger

Ch29 – Mosiah Institutes the Reign of the Judges – No King

  • Mosiah asks people who they want for King
  • They want Aaron – he wants to preach gospel & declines
  • Mosiah proposes Judges instead of Kings to replace him
  • They are righteous judges
  • Mosiah teaches about Kings and how they MUST be righteous
  • Kings will eventually be wicked
  • “You cannot dethrone an iniquitous king without much bloodshed
  • Tells people to choose Judges
  • Explains that the voice of the people usually sides with what’s right (majority)
  • If the time comes that the voice of the people choose iniquity they will be ripe for destruction
  • They do business by the voice of the people
  • Lower Judges & Higher Judges Court
  • Called the “Land of Liberty”
  • People LOVED Mosiah – He was a great righteous King
  • Alma was the 1st Chief Judge
  • He was also the High Priest (conferred by his father)
  • Alma dies @ age 63
  • Reign of the Judges will go 509 since Jerusalem
  • End of the Kings

End of the Book of Mosiah Book of Mormon Summary


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